Please carefully read the policies below.

1. Client will decide how key will be stored on site. Client will purchase a lock box to be used and add code to access instructions under my info. Or if clients is comfortable they can hide key somewhere on the premises. Please provide 2 keys in case of lock box failure or client forgets to put key out. If your subdivision is gated you must provide a code or make yourself available to buzz us in. If we must wait at a gate for it to open because no code was given and no one answers a call from gate that time goes against your 30 minute visit. Why? We are on a schedule. A clicker will only work for one sitter. It is not possible to get gate clickers back and fourth to a different sitter so please do not use a clicker as an option.

2. We WILL NOT call or text you so you can turn the alarm on or off. Why? A. Clients have not heard our text coming thru and we’re standing there waiting. B. The app we use allows you to communicate with our sitters. They are not allowed to text or call clients giving access to their personal cell numbers. Either give us our own code, trust us with yours or don t turn it on.

3. CANCELLATION are accepted if requested within 24 hours during non holidays. Less than 24 hrs is subject to 50% charge. Why? staff members have schedules provided in advance which gives them an overview of what they can expect in revenue each day. Pulling revenue from them at last minute will not keep good staff in place.

4.During all holidays CANCELLATION must be 48 hours in advance. Less than 48 hrs is subject to 50% charge of visits your cancelling. Why? We book up quickly and someone else is wanting your spot that is being held for you. 48 hours leaves time to reassign your spot to another client. Holidays include: New Years Day, Mardi Gras, Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Memorial Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

5. A holiday charge is applied to each visit ONLY on the holiday listed above Why? Our staff gives up family time to be available so you can be with your family. The fee is $5.00 per visit for all holidays listed above except Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve and Christmas Day is $8.00 Fathers Day and Mothers Day is $3 Overnight is $25.

6. Tall Tails Pet Sitting, LLC utilizes very well trained and qualified staff members. Why? It is very important that more than 1 person knows how to handle a job in case of an emergency.

7. Any bookings made within less than 48 hours are subject to availability of time we have available to spend on the visit.

8. It is the clients responsibility to notify us they are leaving and returning. We do not have enough hours in the day to keep track of who’s supposed to be leaving and who’s coming home on which day.

9. We HIGHLY recommend you lets us know your leaving and when you return WHY? This happens often enough where clients think they booked us and they didn’t. (sort of the same as thinking you responded to a text but you did it in your head and not in reality) Once you message to let us know you have left or returned make sure you get a response back from us which confirms we got your message. If you are not receiving messages during your scheduled visits check in with us. If you arrive home early and fail to cancel you will be charged the full fee if we show up.

10. We do our best to accommodate the time frame you would like if requested but there is a 3 hour window from which we have to arrive at your home. Why? The schedule changes rapidly as people change their plans, add on or remove visits making it difficult to set a schedule to be exact in advance. We also have to have wiggle room for emergencies that may arise or sick animals needing more time unexpectedly.

11.Cancelling visits are done only thru portal under scheduling. You will receive a notification that your request has been approved. If you do not get a confirmation then it has not been received and/or approved. You may direct text 985-781-9364 if you do not received notification within a 3 hours. You will be responsible for paying the visit if you do not make sure it was received.



   Tall Tails Pet Sitting Services, LLC, the owner and independent contractors of Tall Tails Pet Sitting, LLC are not responsible for:

1. Damage to home, flooring, carpets, rugs, plants or lawn caused by clients pet(s) urinating, spraying or defecation. Every effort will be made to clean-up messes caused by the clients pet(s) that are found by the pet sitter with cleaning products made available by client.

2. Illness, injury, loss or death of the client’s pet(s) through non-negligence of the pet sitter. Tall Tails Pet Sitting, LLC will follow the directions of the veterinary instructions & release form for pet(s) that become ill or injured. The maximum monetary liability Tall Tails Pet Sitting, LLC will assume for the loss of a pet(s) will be the replacement value of the pet(s) only.

3. The condition of fences, gates, doors and other areas that pet(s) are confined to. Tall Tails Pet Sitting, LLC will not be responsible for gates left open by lawn care services. Tall Tails Pet Sitting, LLC will make every effort to find a lost or missing pet(s).

4. The condition of leashes or collars used for walking pet(s). Clients should insure such equipment is in good working condition.

5. Plants , lawn or trees that wilt, brown or die due to conditions beyond the directions given by the client. Watering plants will be done only in a manner directed by the clients.

   I have received, read and understand the Tall Tails Pet Sitting, LLC policies and procedures and disclaimer statement. I have a clear understanding of all procedures and understand services will not be rendered until the client has accepted the terms of this agreement by logging on to the site and activating their account.
Gina Triay
Tall Tails Pet Sitting Service, LLC

Our Services

.Administer medications
.Insulin injections
.Daily Walks
.Waste and litter cleaning
.Mail pick up
.Curtain and light rotation
.Pet transport service
.Daily text and pics sent
.Free meet and greets

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