FullSizeRender (5)      Brittney Mastascuso has been with us since August 2015.  Married and a new mother to Lydia (human) born July, 2016 and her pug Tank.  Brittney is a strict vegan and has a natural love for animals and all things natural.  Her specialty is paying attention to the finest details and she even comes with a touch of OCD, which is perfect when you need to be sure to secure a house before leaving and making sure meds are given properly. Brittney is PET CPR certified and has been an tremendous asset to our company.

FullSizeRender (6) Caitlin Bush is a registered veterinarian technician and works at Veterinary Medical Center on Robert Rd.  She is wonderful addition to our crew filling in part time as needed. She is pictured with Cookie the hospital house cat. Having 4 dogs, a cat and a tortoise keeps her busy, but she finds the time to help us out when needed. Self reliant, dependable and armed with medical knowledge makes her a wonderful asset.

FullSizeRender (8)  Wendy Amato is the clinic manager at Eye Care & Associates in Metairie.  She is also the author of the book Graham – He just couldn’t help himself.  A lover of animals since her earliest memories as told in her book about Graham her rescued dog who was completely incorrigible. Pictured here with her dog Molly, Wendy is also a fill in position when the schedule gets hectic.  She’s competent, trust worthy and self motivated to do a good job.  Link to Wendy’s book

FullSizeRender (9)

IMG_6707   Tera Sappington once a client now turned staff member!!  Former stay home mom and mother to four delightful adult children.  Worked with New York Life and recently authored “Couponing Sense” and is currently writing “The Secular Voice of God”.  She has 2 dogs, Jebbers and Jack and 4 cats Brownie, Princess, Rascal and Puma.

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Slidell, Louisiana