IMG_6707  Tera Sappington once a client now turned staff member!!  Former stay home mom and mother to four delightful adult children.  Worked with New York Life and recently authored “Couponing Sense” and is currently writing “The Secular Voice of God”.  She has 2 dogs, Jebbers and Jack and 4 cats Brownie, Princess, Rascal and Puma.

  Julie Gardner is a long time friend of mine and a recent empty nester to 9 children!! That’s correct…all planned as she always wanted a big family.  She has decided to upgrade her motherly experience to fur babies by joining our team.  During her time raising children she got her certification in hypnosis and became a reiki master as well.  She is a wonderful cook and hopes to convert her home into a bed and breakfast one day soon.

FullSizeRender (6) Caitlin Bush is a registered veterinarian technician and works at Veterinary Medical Center on Robert Rd.  She is wonderful addition to our crew filling in part time as needed. She is pictured with Cookie the hospital house cat. Having 4 dogs, a cat and a tortoise keeps her busy, but she finds the time to help us out when needed. Self reliant, dependable and armed with medical knowledge makes her a wonderful asset to our team.


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Slidell, Louisiana